If your gums are red, swollen or bleeding, you could have some form of periodontal disease (gum disease).

Speak to our dentists in Karratha about effective gum disease treatments to catch gingivitis at an early stage and prevent tooth loss and other serious oral health problems.

When is gum disease treatment needed?

By the time you notice symptoms such as redness, inflammation or bleeding in your gums, gingivitis will already be present and you should see your dentist as soon as possible.

If gingivitis is not treated in time, it can develop into a more serious form of gum disease, known as periodontitis. This advanced form of gum disease causes the gum and jaw bone to recede from the teeth, making them loose and leading to tooth loss.

How is gum disease prevented?

Gum disease is linked to tooth decay, as it occurs when plaque moves from a tooth into the underlying gum. You can prevent gingivitis by brushing and flossing regularly, avoiding overly sugary foods that bacteria feed on and not smoking.

If you find it difficult to brush or floss certain areas of your mouth due to issues with crowding, misaligned teeth or dental braces, you will be at a higher risk of gum disease and your dentist will recommend preventative dental treatment.

How is gum disease treated?

Your dentist will check for the signs of gum disease during your routine oral examination. If gingivitis is present in your gums, it can usually be reversed by removing the plaque during cleaning and scaling. The symptoms should go away as long as you continue to follow good oral hygiene, brushing at least twice a day and flossing daily.

If your gingivitis has already developed into periodontitis, you will need gum disease surgery. Your dentist will open the gum and remove the plaque to prevent the infection from spreading further. If a tooth root has been badly damaged by gum disease, it may need to be extracted unless it can be repaired with root canal treatment.

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