Fissure sealants are protective coatings that are applied to the chewing and biting surfaces of teeth to cover up pits and grooves. This makes it easier to keep your teeth clean and prevents food and plaque from getting trapped inside, which can lead to tooth decay, cavities and gum disease.

Our dentists in Karratha will check your mouth for fissures that could be putting your oral health at risk. We can apply fissure sealants to each tooth in a matter of minutes, which should last for many years with proper care.

Who needs fissure sealants?

Permanent teeth that have deep grooves are more vulnerable to damage from dental plaque, especially if these fissures are too narrow for your toothbrush or floss to reach. Fissure sealant treatments are mostly used on the chewing teeth at the back of the mouth (molars and premolars), but they can be used for any other teeth that need to be sealed against plaque and infections.

Fissure sealants may be recommended for adults or children who already have their permanent teeth. Even if the fissures in your teeth are not too deep, your dentist may recommend this treatment if you have a health condition that puts you at high risk of dental problems, or if there is a history of tooth decay in your family. Fissure sealants can also be used to correct worn or misshapen tooth surfaces.

What are the benefits of fissure sealants?

Sealing grooves and fissures in your teeth is a preventative dental treatment. By strengthening teeth against decay, it’s less likely that you’ll need dental procedures such as extractions or root canals.

Fissure sealants:

  • protect your teeth against plaque
  • lower your risk of tooth decay and gum disease
  • can usually be completed in a single appointment
  • last for many years, as long as you follow good oral hygiene.

How are fissure sealants applied?

Before your teeth are sealed, they need to be thoroughly cleaned to remove any traces of plaque. Your dentist then applies a mild acid solution to the tooth surfaces that will be treated, which makes them rougher and makes it easier for the sealant to bond with the enamel.

Once the tooth surfaces have completely dried, your dentist will start to carefully apply the sealing material over the fissures. This is then cured using a special light, after which the tooth will be ready to use. Each tooth takes a few minutes to seal and cure, and in most cases your treatment will be completed in a single visit to our dental clinic.

The sealing material used is strong and will usually last for many years, as long as you practice good oral hygiene and follow your dentist’s advice about what foods should be avoided to prevent the seals from being damaged. We’ll check the condition of your fissure seals during your regular oral examinations, and we’ll recommend that new sealant is added if any areas have become worn or damaged, to make sure your teeth stay protected.

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